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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared company’s new mission, “Deliver a better Twitter faster than the expectations”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently shared one of the company’s new missions with his employees. He encouraged his staff to meet the new challenges. Jack Dorsey being the permanent CEO of Twitter was motivating his employees. To top it all, he challenged the staff to deliver a better Twitter faster than the expectations of people. According to Bloomberg News, the Twitter CEO sent an internal memo to his staff in which he wrote about the company’s new strategy for making its social network better and faster.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told his employees “the company is only limited by our sense of urgency.” He further said “Life is short. Every day matters. And the people who use Twitter every day deserve our best. They are why we’re here,” he said in the internal memo. “So let’s show them what we’re made of and deliver a better Twitter faster than they thought possible. We can do this every day. We can do this!”

twitter ceo jack dorsey

Reason Of Changing Mission:

Twitter has recently get into contract with some of the news and sports industries to give more faster news on mobiles. According to analyst these contracts could add to the interests of a media and network company like Twitter. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said “Twitter is what’s happening, and what everyone is talking about (literally!). News and talk! We’re the people’s news network and it now needs to be the first place people check to see what’s happening.” So, it seems like CEO Jack Dorsey believes that Twitter can be the fastest and better social network for the news and sports updates.

twitter ceo jack dorsey
twitter ceo jack dorsey

CEO Jack Dorsey thanks the company employees in his message for analyzing the consequences and asked them to make the network better and fastest. Twitter is known as the official source for news, updates and tips. Although its response to the requests for comments is not immediate.

Furthermore, Analyst Bob Peck from the Sun Trust wrote about Twitter in his note. He referred to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. He said, “We think the CEO would like to see whether many of his recent initiatives can work in turning around Twitter user and engagement growth before seeking strategic alternatives.” The note from the analyst shows that he is directing CEO Jack Dorsey’s attention towards the Twitter’s need for new strategies. Consequently, it will lead to better work to attract the people.

twitter ceo jack dorsey
twitter ceo jack dorsey

Twitter as a popular social network has a millions and billions of fans. Obviously, it can attract more users and the followers through its better and fast service. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey with all his innovative skills and understanding of the computing systems can lead his company to attract more users. So, he is making contracts with other companies to enlarge the network. Twitter need to review its strategies and analyze the people’s activities to get better understanding of the situation. Finally, the new mission and the challenge to employees will help Twitter to get a better direction. It will also show ways to implement the strategies to accomplish this mission.

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