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Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Product recall on account of mislabeled packages

A famous Ice Cream brand Turkey Hill Ice Cream voluntarily recalled its some of ice cream containers. On Friday, the company announced that some of Turkey hill Ice cream containers are the mislabeled ice cream packages. So, the popular flavor Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream may be replaced by the Rocky road Premium Ice Cream. It contains some ingredients like Almonds and Eggs known as common allergens.

turkey-hill-ice-cream-4Turkey hill Ice Cream officially informed about the wrong description on packages. So, it apologized to its customers for the inconvenience. Thankfully, there was no complaint from the stores or report about the illness of consumers before announcement. The dairy recalled all the mislabeled items sold to the stores after Sep 8, 2016. The areas include Alabama, Connecticut,  Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southwest.

Furthermore, the stores were told to remove all the packages from the shelves. The ones that contain Rocky road Premium Ice Cream instead of the flavor Dutch Chocolate Premium Ice Cream. Turkey Hill Ice Cream, in a press release requested its customers who are allergic to the ingredients to return the products. It also informed that the recalled products are not harmful to the other consumers.

Company’s Response

The company used the channels like its official website and news release for the recall purpose and customer retention. Turkey Hill Ice Cream issued the statement on its website, “We apologize for this breakdown in our commitment to producing quality, wholesome products. We know you expect and deserve more from our brand. We will use this incident as an opportunity to re-evaluate and refine our processes,” All the necessary details about the affected items are given to the customers. The recalled items’ UPC code is 20735-42095. The sell-by date of the products is May 23,2017 which can be check on packing.

turkey-hill-ice-cream-5The company also asked its distributors to facilitate the customers for the product returns. They are informing the consumers about the product details. The consumers can demand a full refund after returning the affected products to stores. They can call for the replacement and full refund from Turkey Hill Ice Cream at 1-800-693-2479 or visit its official website for more details.

Turkey Hill Ice Cream made these efforts to rectify the error. Though, it’s the ethical consideration of the company. They made the instructions to the local stores and facilitation to the customers at purchase point for the replacement. They can also demand  refund of the products. It will definitely maintain the goodwill of the company. It will be also helpful in retention of the customers. The recall of products is to make sure that there is no compromise with the quality and value of its products. So, Turkey Hill Ice Cream compensating to the customers to ensure that the customer remains satisfy and believe that the products are healthy. Consequently, they will believe that consumption is not risky. The results of all these efforts will be in the favor of Turkey Hill Ice Cream.



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