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Top 10 Best Footballers in the World

Their is a lot of sports game e.g. Cricket, Hockey, football and Tennis etc. But football is a most popular sports in the World especially in Europe and South America. Almost, every country has football team but only up to fifty teams in top of the World. Mostly, football are playing in clubs leagues system in all part of the World. These leagues hire best football players of the World. In this article, I will provide detail information about current top 10 best footballers in the world.

There is also other major events of football e.g. World Cup, Olympics, Euro Cup and Copa America etc. These events only happens one time in every two and four years. But the football leagues are playing every year in all major football countries like Brazil, England, USA, Spain, German, Italy and Argentina etc. Every year these leagues announce top 10 best footballers.

Here is the list of top 10 best footballers of 2017,

10. Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba is a french professional footballer who is playing for English club Manchester United in premier league. He is 24 year old and play as a central midfielder in both national and club teams. He also played for Italian football club Juventus. Paul Pogba is at last in top 10 best footballers. He did 8 goals for France national football team from 2013 to on words and 4 goals for Manchester United from 2016. French U-20 football team won world cup under his captaincy in 2013.

9. James Rodriguez

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James Rodriguez is captain of Colombian national football team. He is also playing as a attacking midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid. His spouse is Daniela Ospina who is Colombian volleyball player. He is also included in top 10 best footballers of 2016. Currently, James Rodriguez is considering as one of the best midfielder in his generation. He scored 22 goals for Real Madrid from 2014 to on words. He won many national and international football awards in his career.

8. Gareth Bale

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He is 27 year old forward midfielder. Gareth Bale is Wales national football team player. He also part of Spanish football club Real Madrid. He is consider as best footballer due to his attacking game and style. His salary is 15 million British pounds in 2016. Gareth Bale did 26 goals for Wales national football team and 54 goals for Real Madrid. He also part of English Clubs Southampton and Tottenham Hotspur from 2006 to 2013. He was a top goal scorer for Wales in UEFA Euro 2016. Gareth Bale is a footballer with tremendous speed and exceptional physical qualities.

7. Wayne Rooney

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Wayne Rooney at number 7 in list of top 10 best footballers of 2017. He is on top at start of his career as a professional footballer, but later on he struggle bit. Rooney is captain of both England national football team and Manchester united. Rooney start career as a forward but he also has been used in different midfielder roles. Now he is 31 year old that’s too much effect on his performance. Rooney scored 180 goals in 386 matches for Manchester United and 53 goals for England national team. He is the youngest goal scorer in history of European championship. He won the awards of PFA Players ‘ Player of the year‘ and the FWA Footballer of the year.

6. Thomas Muller

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One of the best German footballer is Thomas Muller. He help German football team to won many tittles due to his extraordinary performance. He is playing as a midfielder for German national team and on the other side, he is playing as a forward for German top club FC Bayern Munich. Muller always part of top 10 best footballers in his career for his match winning performances. In 2016, his salary is 16 million euro. His wife Lisa Muller is one of the beautiful wife of football players. Muller received silver boot as the tournament second top goal scorer in World Cup 2014.

5. Antoine Griezmann

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Antoine Greizmann got position in top 10 best footballers due to his performance in UEFA Euro 2016. In additon, he is top goal scorer in Euro 2016. Overall, Griezmann scored six goals in the tournament. He is part of France U-19 football team that won the UEFA European championship 2010. Griezmann started his international career in 2014 as forward midfielder. He scored 15 goals for France in 41 appearance. Comparatively with other footballers, his style after goal is very famous in football fans. He also part of Atletico Madrid, where he scored 58 goals in 102 matches.

4. Luis Suarez

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Three  out of top 4 players are from Spanish football club FC Barcelona and Luis Suarez is one of them. The other two are Neymar and Messi. On the other hand, all three players are from South American countries. Suarez is professional player of Uruguay national football team in addition to the Barcelona. He is playing as a midfielder as well as forward. Before joining FC Barcelona, he played for English club Liverpool. Where he did 69 goals in 110 appearance. On the other hand, he did 47 goals for national team and 78 goals for FC Barcelona. Suarez faced red card many times during matches due to aggressive behavior. He also won the European Golden show award in his long run career with Liverpool.

3. Neymar Da Silva Santos 

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Brazil is a country which produce best footballers in every era and Neymar junior is one of them. He is professional player of Brazil national football team. In addition to the Brazil, Neymar is playing as a forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona. He is equally important for FC Barcelona same as Messi and Suarez, that’s why he ranked 3rd in top 10 best footballers. In the long run, he will be the best football player of the world due to his performance in early stages of career. Neymar was twice named the South American football player of the year. In the light of his performance of Brazil national football team, Neymar is the fourth highest goal scorer for Brazil.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

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If you love to watch football then you must be know about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a captain of Portugal national football team and Spanish club Real Madrid. Ronaldo ranked 2nd in top 10 best footballers of the World. He always claimed number 1 or 2 position in top 10 players. In addition to his performance as a footballer, Ronaldo is famous for his style, love affairs as well as social work. He earned 32 million euro in 2016. Under his captaincy, Portugal won UEFA Euro championship 2016. He has many national and international football and other awards in account. Recently, he won Best FIFA Men player award.

1. Lionel Messi

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One of the best footballer in the World. Messi ranked first in top 10 best footballers in 2017. He is a former captain of Argentina. But now he is playing as a forward in Argentina national football team. Under his captaincy, Argentina qualify for final in FIFA World cup 2014.Currently, Messi is playing for Spanish club FC Barcelona. In 2016, Messi earned 40 million Euro and expected to earn more than this. In addition to Messi income, he won many awards as a football player. Messi is the first football player, who won three European Golden shows awards. But currently, he is facing tax evasion issue in Spain.

This is all about top 10 best footballers in the world. You can get detail information about all these top 10 football players in 2017.

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