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Tom cruise movies acted out with James Corden in Late Late Show

Tom Cruise movies acted out with James Corden on The Late Late Show. It was supposed to be a surprise for fans but that brought the house down.

Moments of the Video:

They acted out tom cruise movies especially biggest hits like Top Gun, Days of Thunder, Rain Man, five Mission Impossible films and Interview With the Vampire. They created an  epic nine-minute video.

Tom Cruise Movies
Tom Cruise Movies

While taping the video when they arrived at Tom Cruise movies classic hit the classic hit Jerry Maguire, Tom enthusiastically acted out his role of sports agent Jerry. James played NFL star Rod Tidwell. This was the very role among Tom Cruise movies which had won Cuba Gooding Jr an Oscar.

When they started acting the famous scene in which Rod screams “show me the money” over the phone at Jerry, Cuba wittily went over to the set and told James: “If you’re going to do it, let me do it right.”

Tom Cruise Movies
Tom Cruise Movies

A mind blowing moment was when tom cruise was resuming his role of Lt Daniel Kaffee in A Few Good Men from Tom Cruise movies and was preparing to question James’s Colonel Jessup, a role that was famous.

This 9 minute video from Tom Cruise movies was a perfect amazing mind blowing glimpse of his whole film career. The video is so amazing that it can be a temptation for people to watch Tom Cruise movies. Tom Cruise was one of the legendary actors. The video revealed that his spark is still alive and can never be faded. His amazing work can never be forgotten. He has this uniqueness and talent that is really rare in cinematic world. The video was kept secret. It was a great surprise for the fans. People were so amazed to watch it and they really enjoyed every minute of it. It really rocked fans world again.

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