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Snapchat‬, ‪Portrayal of East Asians in Hollywood‬, ‪Racism


Snapchat is quite a popular App. It became popular in quite a short span of time like Whatsapp and Dubsmash. It was created as a project by three Stanford University students back in 2011. Idea was to create an image messaging based Application where images are short lived and can’t be stored. It was something amazing for people at that time because of trending image messaging. Snapchat was the application that has given a new direction to an emerging trend at that time.



Recently snapchat has updated its features and version. New version with other smileys has a new smiley that is considered offensive by the Asians. They named it “yellow face” and it’s a photo lens that quickly disappears after a shout or roar on the screen. The lens shows up cartoon faces with slanting eyes, wide cheeks and grins in photos.

Slanting eyes in this photo lens was declared racist. So, people showed serious concern over the smiley thinking it’s insulting. All raged up people are posting across the social media about the photo lens. Therefore, they are strongly condemning this shameful act of Snapchat. People are questioning that why Snapchat haven’t considered effects before designing yellow face. Some believe it is highly disappointing even if it was on purpose or not.

snapchat-5Snapchat tried to defend the blame. They said lens was designed to highlight anime characters. It has nothing to do with the look of Asians. So, they assured that they will remove or change that particular photo lens for their users.

The mistake is repeated 2nd time this year. As, they have already released graphics of Bob Marley filter that people were supposed to add to their photos. That was considered highly discriminating and insensitive. They had to face heavy criticism over it.

So, it is hoped that Snapchat will be very careful while designing these photo lens in near future as growing criticism and negativity will affect its profits and popularity. Therefore, they should carefully test and verify whether if the contents are offensive for users before releasing latest version.

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