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List of Top 10 Dangerous Dogs in the World

Dog is the most popular pet in the World. In this article, you can read about top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. They use for lot of purpose for example, security, searching hidden things and in war. Here are the list of top 10 dangerous dogs in the world,

10. Chow Chow









This breed is originally from Chinese origin. Chow Chow is also called Songshi Quan. This breed look very gentle from face, but he/she are very dangerous. Chow Chow is part of top 10 dangerous dogs in the World but exist at last place. This dog is consider as a hunter dog. They are also in different colors.

9. Bullmastiff

top 10 dangerous dogs in the World

Bullmastiff is on number 9 in list of top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. This is a tall dog and male dog weight up to 130 pounds. Their are different colors of Bullmastiff. This breed is usually use for security purpose due to aggressive temperaments.  There are lots of incidents in USA, where Bullmastiff attack on people and killed them. If we do proper training of Bullmastif then this dog is breed obedient.

8. Husky 

Siberian Husky Breed







Like the Bullmastiff, Husky is athletic, energetic and aggressive dog. This breed is also consider as a working dog due to his/her working history. They mostly found in cold part of the World. Husky is more dangerous than Bullmastiff, because Siberian breed of Husky are responsible of 15 people death in USA between 1980 and 2000.

7. Boxer

Boxer dog








Nowadays, Boxer is using for hunting. But earlier this breed is used as attacker and guard dog. Boxer face shape little bit same as Bullmastiff. This dog is also include in list of top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. Boxer is known for their strong Jaws and powerful bites. Some people still using boxer as a security dog.

6. Dalmatian 








Dalmatian is one the large dog breed. This dog is from historical region Dalmatian that’s why his/her name is Dalmatian. This breed need proper training if you want to keep this at home, otherwise Dalmatian is very dangerous and uncontrollable. This is also famous for white and black colors combination. This is also known as a guardian dog.

5. Doberman Pinscher







Doberman dog is mostly used by police and army officials, because this is very aggressive for strangers and friendly for owner. This is not commonly found in civilian homes. Doberman is also use for search operations conducted by police and army. Doberman reputation is improved in recent years as friendly dog but still consider in top 10 dangerous dogs in the World.

4. Wolf Hybrid 







Wold Hybrid is one of the most dangerous wild animal. This dog is look like wolf because of face shape. Wolf Hybrid is very unpredictable breed of dogs so that’s we can’t trust on them. This breed is result from the hybridization of domestic dog with four others Ethiopian, red, eastern timber and grey wolves.

3. Pit Bull







Some writers ranked Pit Bull dog at first place in list of top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. But in my point of view, German Shepherd and Rottweiler are more danger than Pit Bull breed. Pit Bull needs proper training to prevent it aggressiveness. Pit Bull responsible for many deaths in USA. Many countries imposed ban on Pit Bull. Pit Bull very important role in military and police operation because this breed has ability to kill enemy.

2. Rottweiler







According to the USA center for disease control and prevention, Rottweiler was responsible for half of all the death caused by dogs bites between 1991 to 2000. The breed extra strength and muscle power makes it more dangerous than other dogs but not more than German Shepherd.

1.German Shepherd








German Shepherd at top of the list in top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. Because this breed is very intelligent and dangerous. It’s mostly use for searching and catching criminals. German Shepherd is also danger for other small dogs. Currently, German Shepherds are commonly used as a police dog that’s why it’s other name is police dog.

This is all about top 10 dangerous dogs in the World. We will also post about on daily and weekly basis in our top 10 category. If you like this post then share it on your social media page or account.



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