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Latest Bermuda Triangle Theory: Mystery has been Solved

Scientists have generated Bermuda Triangle Theory after they noticed some strange unusual clouds have farming on the sky of Bermuda triangle. According to Bermuda Triangle Theory the reason that this patch of sea has swallowed many planes and ships is these unusual hexagonal shaped clouds.

Bermuda Triangle Theory
Bermuda Triangle Theory

The incredible latest Bermuda Triangle Theory revealed that “air bombs” are linked to clouds with a speed of 273 kilometer per hour. These clouds with such a tremendous air bombs are strong enough to bring down planes and ships. Meteorologists reported this whole phenomenon to the Science Channel’s ‘What on Earth’.

While explaining Bermuda Triangle Theory these meteorologists further revealed that these unusual hexagonal shaped clouds have covered 20 and 50 miles over the sky of Bermuda triangle. They said they have used radar satellite imagery in order to study these clouds.

Bermuda Triangle Theory
Bermuda Triangle Theory

Meterologist Dr Randy Cerveny explained, “The satellite imagery is really bizarre… the hexagonal shapes of the cloud formations. These types of hexagonal shapes in the ocean are in essence air bombs. They are formed by what is called micro-bursts and they are blasts of air.”

Furthermore, The  Bermuda Triangle Theory has disclosed power of these air bombs. The blasts can reach 170 miles per hour (273 kmph). So, the force is equal to the force of a hurricane which is capable of vanishing ships and downing planes.

It’s been a long time, Bermuda Triangle has been notorious for swallowing any ship or plane passing over it. There is news that no ship or plane ever crossed Bermuda. Therefore, it has been a biggest mystery and matter of concern for scientists and meteorologist over the years. Each vanishing of ship or plane over the sky of Bermuda use to baffle scientists for years. Finally, if Bermuda Triangle Theory  has really solved the mystery it means scientists covered the greatest milestone. It will definitely open new horizons for further research.

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