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John Saunders ESPN sportscaster died on August 10, 2016

John Saunders ESPN sportscaster lived in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York, with his wife and children. He died on August 10, 2016, at the age of 61.


He John Saunders ESPN sportscaster was tremendous and generous, sometimes no small feat, But he was that good at television. Best of all, people liked John Saunders. He had the gift that the very best broadcasters have, that the people felt as if he were their friend. He made them feel like they were part of conversation and that is something very special.

John Saunders ESPN sportscaster
John Saunders ESPN sportscaster

At School Saunders was an all-star defense man as a player in the Montreal junior leagues. He received a scholarship and from 1974–76 he played hockey at Western Michigan University.

Bernie Saunders (His brother) also played hockey at Western Michigan during this stay. Studied from Montreal, high school. later, he was transferred to Ryerson University in Toronto, from 1976–78 there he played for the Rams.

He worked as the news director for CKNS Radio and as sports anchor at CKNY-TV (North Bay, Ontario, 1978–1979) and at ATV News (New Brunswick, 1979–1980). He served as the main sports anchor for CITY-TV (Toronto, 1980–1982). Then he moved to the United States as a sports anchor at WMAR-TV .

Saunders joined ESPN in 1986  as the host of ESPN. He was the studio host of ESPN’s NBA Shoot around from 2004 to 2006.

Moreover, John Saunders ESPN sportscaster, who has hosted “The Sports Reporters” for the last 15 years, has died. If you have ever watched show “The Sports Reporters “, you know that they have long been having the conversations about sports.

They now have about politics all over the television dial on Sunday mornings with Mitch Albom and Bob Ryan and Bill Rhoden, with Jemele Hill and Howard Bryant and Israel Gutierrez and other panelists . But John was great from the start.

Sadly, John Saunders ESPN sportscaster died on Wednesday at the age of 61. He was a good husband and best father to two daughters. His brother Bernie was his best friend Bernie was a hockey player, just as John.

John Saunders ESPN sportscaster
John Saunders ESPN sportscaster

Legendary John Saunders ESPN sportscaster had a ton of heart we know. He was an ex-hockey player, and he underwent so many surgeries. He also suffered from diabetes, and there, in the show, some Sunday morning’s all people saw how weak he was when he came in green room, hands shaking, just trying to feel well to do the show. But he always did.

One Saturday he had a terrible fall when he was hosting college football show on ABC. Another time there was a car accident, John was lucky to survive. But he came back from the accident and from the fall and he was back in his chair on Sunday morning.

He was survived by his family, and his friends, and by this network, and by his business. John made his living with words. Many of us do. There was no way to properly explain, the love that people felt for Saunders.

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