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Halloween: what is the matter with pumpkin carvers?

Halloween is approaching. Every Pumpkin carver is quite enthusiastic to celebrate. Pumpkin carvers are actively engaged in searching for costumes.

Pumpkin Carvers
Pumpkin Carvers

They are so eager to search for new ideas to bring some innovation and uniqueness in their costumes and decorations. People seem to be actively engaged in preparations for Halloween.

Pumpkin Queen:

Energy of pumpkin carvers is amazing. Sarah Frey has revealed that she has successfully shipped five million pumpkins for pumpkin carvers. Although, heat and humidity was a hurdle for her to grow more pumpkins. She herself is a good pumpkin carver. fortunately, she has a good range of impressive collection of Frye boots with her. With her huge productions she thinks America should cook pumpkins rather than carvings. About one third of her crops contain edible pumpkins.

Pumpkin Carvers
Pumpkin Carvers

Social Media postings about Halloween:

On many social platforms like pinterest, Facebook, Google+ etc there is so much stuff about carvings posted by pumpkin carvers. There are posts about everything like decorating haunted houses, pranks and hoaxes, stuff and ornaments for decoration etc. But most of the posts are made by pumpkin carvers about jack-o-lanterns. Consequently, these posts are really helpful for people in getting ideas to make a unique and amazing decor this Halloween.

Trumpkins and Clinton Pumpkins:

Pumpkin Carvers
Pumpkin Carvers

Apart from the news of pumpkin queen and social media postings there is also something new about Halloween this year. Most of all, political fans of trump and Clinton are using their likeness for orange color to make “Trumpkins” and Clinton pumpkins. So, these pumpkin carvers have introduced the term “Trumpkin” to pay homage to presidential candidate Donald Trump. Fans of Clinton have also craved Clinton Pumpkin to follow the lead and to show their support. Certainly, this thing is a source of fun and useful for showing their support for their favorite presidential candidate. Pumpkin Carvers got a new handy idea to carve pumpkins in different styles for the coming Halloween. Hope this year’s Halloween is going to be a blast!

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