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Drug overdose‬, ‪Ohio

Drug overdose‬, ‪Ohio
Drug overdose‬, ‪Ohio

Drug overdose‬, ‪Ohio

Mansfield hospital admitted almost 20 people for drug poisoning. According to news to attend a festival held at Dreams Venue in Butler all of them were in Ohio. They Fell victim because of candies offered to them with the name “RX Prescribed Medibles”. They provided treatment to every victim from local hospital and got recovered from the hazards of drug or any possible drug addiction.


According to the news festival “EST Fest 2016: Last Weekend on Earth” was organized by EST 19XX. Event was a series of many entertaining activities like music, camping, BYOB and many others. It was a 2 day event. Organizers sold out the tickets and displayed list of attenders on official page. The event excited the people.  They enjoyed all activities carried out there.

So, the only misery was this shameful activity of drug overdose to the people in the name of candies. It might be an attempt to make people addicted or they might have tried to ruin the event to spoil the name of organizers. However, they have given drug overdose treatment to the victims of drug overdose in time by local hospital. Patients have recovered now.

World has united to control smuggling and dealing of drugs. So, there are strict rules. Therefore, they also took serious measures on exits of each country by local governments but in the light of recent event of drug overdose it seems to get out of control day by day.

Local government of Ohio should take a serious action upon this incident of drug overdose. They should reach out to the criminals and punish them. Therefore, an immediate action is mandatory in order to assure people they can enjoy these kinds of festivals without any fear.


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