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Copyright Policy & DMCA

Trendismon.com is a website which is made with the purpose of providing readers useful brief information about any latest hot trends in the shortest span of time with minimum energy. Trendismon.com has some rules and regulations for the users regarding reviews, copy content, sharing content etc. these rules are helpful in avoiding and settlement of any conflict that can possibly be arise between organization and user.
Following are the rules to use trendismon.com:
• Site does not require any of your personal information in order to make you proceed with its content. Any person at any time can go through the content. If any Ad or Advertising company requires your information trensismon.com can’t be held responsible for it.
• All the contents that are published on trendism.com is authentic and checked by the authorized persons and trendism.com doesn’t allow readers or any person to copy or replicate any stuff or content from trendismon.com. The person who will be involved in any copying would be legally sued for his acts.
• Site contains hypertext which can transfer readers to any other website. These hypertexts are managed and controlled by third parties. We are not responsible for those websites.
• People are allowed to share any post, content from trendismon.com but they have to mention source of the content.
We cordially invite you to visit trendismon.com and share any content as per your requirement on social networking sites. You can comment anything you want to say below any article it would be highly appreciated. This is a public website so readers had to stay in limits mentioned by us in order to avoid any inconvenience.