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Comment Policy

Trendismon.com is a public website made with the purpose to serve the public at its best. The site allows people to provide their views and feedback on of the articles provided as per they like. The site serves globally so people from any continent or country can view, visit and comment on articles. Readers are supposed to read the comment policy once before they start commenting for their convenience. It is an honor for us to make your valuable views a part of our website.
Trendismon.com is serving as a platform to discuss latest trends and news about anything or subject that is published on the site. All that readers need to do is to follow the rules and regulations provided in order to be a part of comment threads.
We strictly prohibit use or posting of any stuff depicting spam, vulgar, abusing, pornography material and hate speech. We are welcoming you to criticize about any issue or news with an open heart. Criticizing should be done using right and appropriate words by exercising values and ethics. Our team members are viewing each and every comment one by one and lawful suite must be filed in case of any violation of the rules.
Our content is copyright protected. According to our copyright policy in case of any copy and replication person will be sued for the punishment by law. Owner of the site saves the right to ban any person from visiting the site in case of any violation of rules. Owner can also remove or block any comment in case if he finds the content offensive.
Thank you for reading our comment policy. Hopefully it will be very useful for you before you join our platform as a discussion forum. Stay connected with us in order to stay updated about latest hot trends within a short span of time and suggest our website to friends and family.