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Burkinis banned from Cannes Beaches

Burkinis ( full-body, head-covering swimsuits which was originally designed for Muslim women that cover them from head to toe ) banned from Cannes Beaches . With fine of 38 euro ($42)

France became the first European country to ban burkinis wearing in public (that is a full-body covering that includes mesh over the face) and the niqab, (a full-face veil with an opening for the eyes) in April 2011, and those breaking the law will face fines of 150 euros (about $205). A 24-year-old woman brought the case to court. So, the law was upheld. She claims that it infringed on her religious freedom.


Cannes is a city on the French Riviera. It is famous for its annual film festival. So, it has temporary banned religious clothing on the beach. This was in the wake of recent terror attacks in France and other countries. It comes a month after terror attack. A man drove a truck on the city’s main beach promenade through a Bastille Day crowd. He killed 84 people.


They stabbed to death an 86-year-old priest named as Jacques Hamel. It happened in an attack on a church, a week later.

BBC reported that the burkinis were “improper” according to Mayor Lisnard.

This Ban is observed as anti-Muslim move that action will make religious tensions worse. Human rights activists are questioning the legalism of ban.

Human Rights League of the local branch warned that burkini ban will further alienate French Muslims.

Hervé Lavisse, president of the Human Rights League Said “This ban is making inflame tensions.”

Lavisse noticed that as it was a temporary measure which seems to be like a publicity stunt.

Feiza Ben Mohammad is spokeswoman for France’s Federation of the Muslim South. Burkinis are temporary banned She told this to CNN. Some women will continue to wear burkinis. They would not be fined.

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